The Best Belt

Accept no substitutes, this is the original, nylon core, leather gun belt.

A great holster needs the right belt, and this, my friends, is the right belt. This is a heavy-duty, double layer top-grain leather belt with a nylon webbing reinforcement core glued and then stitched into it. It comes with a solid stainless steel or brass buckle, no cheap pot metal here. The buckle is affixed with heavy-duty, stainless steel or brass Chicago screws allowing you to wear your belt with your favorite 1.5 inch belt buckle.

This belt is truly the best money can buy. The webbing core keeps it from stretching and rolling over, and it has a tensile strength of over 1300 pounds! That should be enough for even the most enthusiastic of Thanksgiving dinners! Not to mention, it looks great while doing it. This belt is right at home on your jeans, tactical pants, suits, and kilts (as long as they have standard belt loops).

This 1.5 inch wide belt fits satisfyingly snug through the 1.5 inch slots in my pancake holsters, and fits well in the steel clips on my tuckable IWB holsters. It is thicker than the belts you find at the mall, but it isn’t monumental.

This belt was specifically designed to manage the weight of a firearm, but it’s perfect even if you don’t carry a gun. You won’t even notice a smart phone, flashlight, multi-tool, or orangutan on your belt. Well, you might notice the orangutan but not because of his weight.

These belts are handcrafted here in the United States and covered by my Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. Your belt will arrive ready to wear with brass or stainless hardware included.

*Rugged and attractive, top-grain leather on inside and outside.
*Nylon webbing core, glued and stitched in, 1300-lb tensile strength
*Buckle end skived down for comfort
*Brass or solid Stainless Steel roller buckle and screw set
*Available in black, brown, or natural colors. Also available in custom colors for an upcharge. (Can be matched to a custom holster at the time of order.)

With Stainless Hardware as standard: $100.00

Please specify belt size

NOTE: Please specify the size you want, measured from where the leather folds over the end of the buckle to the middle adjustment hole. The easiest way to be certain of accurate sizing is to measure an existing belt between the buckle and your most used adjustment hole. This belt does not stretch, so please measure carefully.

Want something extra special? Maybe a basket weave?

Or perhaps something exotic?

I’d be happy to make your vision a reality.

Custom Finish: (please email me for inquiry)

One thought on “The Best Belt

  1. This is the best belt that I’ve ever worn. I am hard on equipment, and my natural leather ER Best Belt with stainless hardware looks as great today as it did when I first received it, 2 years ago. I have worn it EVERY DAY since then, with and without guns and other equipment on it.

    I cannot stress enough what a great piece of kit this is. I immediately bought two more as gifts, and am about to buy some more. In a world full of complications, we should have basic things in our lives that we can depend upon, and this belt is one of those basic things that you need not worry about again, should you get it.

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